The Folklore of Animal Humane Society and Shepherd Data
POSTED ON December 23

Thanks to you, our clients, friends, and colleagues, Shepherd Data Services has once again supported the Animal Humane Society and their miracles. http://www.animalhumanesociety.org/ The holiday season is the time when we gather and tell family folklore. Thus in that holiday tradition, I’d like to share with you the story behind Shepherd Data and Animal Humane Society. In early 2002, my career moved more directly into litigation support consulting. I had very low expectations for the volume of work I’d get and thought it would just be a one-person consulting business. I didn’t want to call the company Chalstrom Consulting or a variation of my name. After all, my name is difficult to spell and I feared people would think I was starting a law firm. So I had to come up with a new name. A few months before, my husband and I adopted a puppy from the Animal Humane Society. Sadie was a roly-poly, blue-eyed bundle of fur with much more energy that I thought ever could be possible. While I was in my home office pondering potential names, she starting playing with my feet, “talking” to me and then she burped. I laughed and, at that same moment, realized she just made everything easier. I decided to keep her with me during the day and make the name of her breed (or, what I thought was her breed) part of this new company. And that’s when Shepherd Data was born along with my commitment to AHS. AHS has provided inspiration to me throughout the years. Their mission to engage the hearts, hands, and minds of the community and to help animals is uplifting; their vision to compassionately and responsibly create a more humane world for animals is moving. I believe in their values: Be good to animals. Act kindly and think progressively to improve the lives of animals; Partner with people. Harness the creativity and passion of people through collaboration and teamwork; and Lead responsibly with compassion. Inspire trust through leadership that balances the head and heart. This year, as in so many other years, I’ve committed Shepherd Data Services to support the AHS mission of compassionate service. To that end, we hosted a table at their Wine Dinner and participated fully (very fully) in their Auction. Importantly, we have now involved our clients and friends in their mission by making a holiday donation in their names. In so doing, we’ve contributed to the miracles that the Animal Humane Society performs every day.


Shepherd and Friends at the AHS Fall Wine Dinner

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Author Avatar Christine Chalstrom is the Founder, CEO, and President of Shepherd Data Services, Trustee, Mitchell Hamline Law School and Adviser, Center for Law and Business. She has spoken widely on the Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, Digital Forensics, and eDiscovery best practices. Her credits include presentations to the American Bar Association, Association of Certified e-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), Corporate Counsel Institute, MN Association of Corporate Counsel, MN Association of Litigation Support Professionals, MN CLE, Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute. She is an attorney, programmer, and forensic examiner.