Mobile Forensic Data Review: A Better Solution
POSTED ON September 12

Even though they may not know it, your clients (as well as opposing parties) may have a personal concierge tracking their movements and recording many aspects of their daily life. Mobile devices capture the following information:

• Call logs including incoming, outgoing and missed
• Text messages
• Email
• Photos with embedded location data
• And more!

Often, these devices contain the only unique source of this data. Accidental or intentional destruction of this data may lead to sanctions. A savvy litigator will take immediate steps to locate and preserve this critical, dynamic data.

Shepherd Data has been performing mobile device forensics for several years now, and we have become quite adept at reviewing the data in our forensic tools. Yet, communicating our findings to our clients has been difficult because of the nature of the forensic software reporting tools, which export detailed spreadsheets with links to extracted data. While these reports are very useful, there are significant limitations. First, the forensic reports can be unwieldy, often exceeding several GBs of information. Secondly, spreadsheets do not foster team collaboration, as only one person can review at a time. Finally, the keyword searching, sorting and filtering tools of spreadsheets lack the flexibility and functionality attorneys have come to expect from leading electronic review platforms. Spreadsheets are just not designed for collaborative litigation review. Yet, it was the best the leading mobile forensic tools had to offer.

That changed today. Shepherd Data introduces fOne™ Mobile Forensic Data Processing. fOne takes away the frustration of working with clunky spreadsheets or PDFs. Instead, fOne processes and organizes the extracted data from mobile devices within Relativity®.

Utilizing the features of fOne, attorneys can now:

• Work collaboratively with colleagues – more than one person can view the data at the same time;
• Filter the data by key words and date ranges;
• Perform comparative analysis among multiple custodians’ data;
• Flag important individual items for further review;
• Redact any protected communications on individual text; and
• Control and track exactly what mobile data was produced.
• All within the award-winning Relativity® platform.

We are excited to add fOne™ Mobile Forensic Data Processing to our line of best-of-breed solutions for our clients. For more information about how to use fOne for your next project, email us or give us a call at 612.659.1234.

About the Author Chris

Author Avatar Christine Chalstrom is the Founder, CEO, and President of Shepherd Data Services, Trustee, Mitchell Hamline Law School and Adviser, Center for Law and Business. She has spoken widely on the Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, Digital Forensics, and eDiscovery best practices. Her credits include presentations to the American Bar Association, Association of Certified e-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), Corporate Counsel Institute, MN Association of Corporate Counsel, MN Association of Litigation Support Professionals, MN CLE, Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute. She is an attorney, programmer, and forensic examiner.