Our last few blogs focused on Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) caselaw.  Specifically, we discussed rulings in cases in which employees moved corporate data to personal clouds.  In the last month we saw the result of a regulatory agency, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) elevating  cybersecurity to an enforcement priority.   In the SEC’s first […]

If you look in any publicly traded company’s annual report, you will find a discussion of ongoing litigation. Large corporations are frequent targets of employment, personal injury, and intellectual property claimants. Occasionally, they start fights themselves! Either way, weak eDiscovery management can translate into considerable risk for a corporation of any size. On October 21st, […]

On September 24th, I had the pleasure of serving as a panelist at a Merchant & Gould CLE event focused on the ever-evolving issues around corporate branding. “Cyberworld and Protecting Your Brand” also featured industry experts Sarah Lockner from 3M, Richard Ostrom from Waypoint, Inc., and, of course, Merchant and Gould’s intellectual property gurus Will […]

Shepherd Data Services is pleased to announce our next Shepherd Speaks seminar, Know When to Hold ‘em—Taking the Gamble out of Legal Holds. This seminar will discuss some challenging legal holds and the issues surrounding them, selected caselaw, and describe a tool for the legal practitioner.  Our presenters will be Shepherd Data’s own Ben Legatt, Director […]